About Journal

The Journal of Green Building Design serves as a platform for publishing original research and comprehensive technical reviews covering a wide range of topics related to energy efficiency in buildings. These topics encompass areas such as energy consumption management, optimization of renewable resource utilization, and evaluation of energy life cycles within building structures.

The journal focuses on facilitating the development, enhancement, and oversight of national guidelines regarding the optimization of mechanical and electrical systems in buildings. It also includes assessments of technical, economic, and environmental aspects of alternative grid electricity systems, with an emphasis on the practical implementation of renewable energy resources. Additionally, the journal covers the identification of energy processes and equipment within specific systems, as well as guidance on selecting and designing appropriate equipment for energy efficiency.

Research papers exploring the potential benefits of supporting energy-saving initiatives, cost reduction strategies, and defining relevant indicators for electric energy tariffs in alignment with regulations on modifying consumption patterns are encouraged. The promotion of a culture of energy conservation and optimization across residential and industrial sectors is another area of interest.

Priority consideration is given to interdisciplinary studies focusing on advancing the adoption of renewable energy management technologies in buildings. This includes topics like building management systems aimed at regulating and optimizing energy consumption levels effectively.